The Picture

You represent a time in my life, that I don’t want to go back to
You represent a time in my life, that I hesitate on reminiscing
Your logic is off, your senses are muted
you elevate yourself to be somebody Immodestly

I’m glad He stepped in, making a difference
I’m Joyful for the steps that he leaded you through
Sensibility has hardly ever been your forte
Lack of discretion always proceeded your intentions

This picture starring back at me
The same characteristics of that somebody
Years ago, the familiar face
Yester-years of a reflection of me

Always in my inner ear
Hearing what I would not hear
Voices of a gentle heart
Beckoning my brand new start

Always there, He was always there,Never leaving
Always proceeding my every move, every thought
Faithfulness, So faithful to me,
Only expecting what already had given so free

Love so deep, Love so rare, Love so needed
Even in utter despair, A faith unburdened
He gave me his hand, I gave him my life
Never repeating the reflection in the picture

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