New Interactive Crowd Art

New Artistry is popping up everywhere is seems. Galleries and exhibitions are being shown, where people are unaware that surrounding them in the Crowd is the artwork the artist designed. Maybe by conversation, song, and many other aesthetic points of view the artist showcases his work, Confused? I was a little when I heard about this, but recently, titled it ” You Had to Be There”. Interactive art, Objects that don’t seem to meet the eye as the usual layout for art galleries.



The guards suddenly start hopping around you and singing, “This is so contemporary, contemporary, contemporary!”” writes Linda Yablonsky a contributing editor of ARTnews.



Yes, That is it. The Guards was the artwork hopping around you. One may be totally unaware until things unusual happen all around you.

The Mangled Car used in Jeremy Deller’s ‘It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq’ Project


Artist Jeremy Deller who has been touring the US at different museums, with his exhibition had a unique design when he set it up . The Idea came from current events surrounding the world, Titled, ‘It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq’ He Designed entire museums like a suicide bomber had once hit there with life like situations happening all around, as if you are in Iraq yourself. Not having been to his exhibits, I can’t image the detail and the dynamic it made the viewers felt, was it a sculpture? a movie scene? What emotions did you feel being there? Then there is the question, Is this even Artwork? Some may say, it’s something to talk or think about, while mimicking real life current events. So could this be a Social Studies project? What do you think ? Let me know….



Read the Jeremy Deller’s expierences and the ARTnews article below….



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