So many nights I lie awake wondering what is to come, where I will be in five… ten years… twenty years.  In the past five years alone, I moved from the comfort of my hometown to California, married the man of my dreams, not only had one child but two, a boy and a girl. Now, I embarking on this new venture of singing and painting using recycled products .  I love it so much, as time progresses I would love to get into acting as well, it is one of the other passions of mine.

I always say that all that is aesthetic is mine. I love the arts, I love drama, I love fashion, I love nature, I genuinely love beautiful colors. I am, Singing Elegance. Hence why I chose the name.

Many of the reasons I love all these things is because of the GOD I serve. I would not be here if it were not for him. All the glory, honor and praise be to him. My life is his. 🙂

As you go through my website, you will see that is and will be a work in progress. Thank you as my  endeavor increases~



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