Controversy Amidst an Art Exhibit

Associated Press, Just released that there was an upheaval in Zimbabwe around an exhibit the consisted of the missing people and missing families as well as pictures of mine shafts where they believe bodies were dumped since the 1980’s.  Here is the Associated press’ Article:

Zimbabwe police shut 2nd art exhibit on violence

HARARE, Zimbabwe — An attorney says police in Zimbabwe have shut down an art exhibit exploring violence blamed on President Robert Mugabe.

Artist Owen Maseko collected family photos of missing people, images of mine shafts where bodies were believed dumped and reports on an armed uprising after independence in 1980 in the western Matabeleland district that was crushed by troops loyal to Mugabe. Thousands of civilians were massacred in the fighting.

Attorney Kucaca Phulu said Monday that Maseko, his client, spent the weekend in jail on incitement charges after police shut down the exhibit in Bulawayo Saturday. Maseko was seeking bail Monday.

On Wednesday, police in Harare forced a human rights group to abandon a photo exhibit on political violence blamed on Mugabe’s supporters.

I have been trying to find more articles on this, However, The only other one I found was in South Africa in Johannesburg.  The artist, Owen Maseko, is speaking our against President  Robert Mugabe of  Zimbabwe. 

I am not read up enough on this President to make assumptions, and I am in no way trying to make a political statement.  However, Massacre’s on innocent people is never right, and I am in shock of how the news in the United States NEVER report on topics like this… Something as innocent as an Art exhibit is raising up enough controversy that the artist had to spend the weekend in Jail and Mugabe supporters creating a riot situation. An art exhibit giving faces to those who have been killed should almost be an honorarium, however, because of denial this exhibit,  instead has created a violence. UGH! I don’t like this, whether it was appropriate or not, These massacred people finally had a small voice on how they died only to be placed back into silence.

I really have no more to say in my sadness…

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