Napa… Wine… Art

This  past weekend I spent a wonderful weekend with my amazing husband in Napa. If you have never spent time there, I definitely recommend going!

My weekend started with checking into the Embassy Suites Hotel  and then straight to the wine train. We had the Privilege to hang out with some of the “Top” guys in his Industry, including the CEO’s and presidents of a couple companies. If you would like to check out their websites I will add a link to their websites as they are a Great asset to small and large companies.  The Industry my Husband works for deals with talent acquisition’s, mid level to Executive resourcing, human resources, Online financial development ( payroll, quickbooks)  etc.  I was surprised to hear business was not our main topic in conversation, we had a wonderful time talking about where they have gone in Napa… Well, maybe they did talk business, but I think I may have been distracted by the amazing winery’s and vineyards we visited.

We went to this particular Vineyard, I felt was the most “home” called; Fleury Estate Winery. This place was filled with abstract modern art all painted by the Winery Owners son, I wish I remembered his first name. I thought it was Scott Fleury, but everything good is Scott ( that’s my husbands name… Cheese. ha.) Anyway off my Bunny trail… The one thing that intrigued me about this art, was that it reminded me of my own art pieces.  Primarily because the paintings were not painted on your typical canvas’ just like me. The Canvas of choice, I saw,  was wood. Something about that, just made me like the art all the more.

This winery, also, had such a great bathroom idea. At first you see this gigantic Barrel, thinking that you will walk right into a gross, hole in the ground, outhouse, it was actually a quaint chandelier lighted porcelain throne room, in a weird way it was tranquil, don’t ask how I thought it was… it just was.

overall, it was a GREAT weekend!  Great art, great company, great vineyards, great wine, great food… Just Great…

Next time you go to Napa, don’t forget to stop by Fleury Estate Winery!

Also, If you would go check out these business savvy websites:

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