North Carolina Red Bricks

It’s like another world here on the east coast in North Carolina… I have gone from South Charlotte to Greensville all across the state… We’ve ate at BoJangles, Parkers Barbeque, Applebees and a feast of West African deliciousness. Different from California houses, the norm with stucco has turned into a norm with red bricks. Red bricks on houses, business’, Universities… Etc.

This is a picture at UNC Charlotte, this entire campus is full of red bricks from the football arena to the chancelors house… Red as far as the eye can see!

Even if the stone was not brick it had a red accent… So interesting that this is just so much apart of the culture they paint it on.

All and all, this trip has been full of GREAT people, GOOD food and GORGEOUS views!

You definitely need to come to North Carolina… Not only will you love it! You will be relaxed by the surrounding atmosphere with green on all sides and being constantly hungry for more food! Just as a precaution, you might want to go on a diet before you come because you’ll enjoy the food way too much! As a bonus it is half way between Florida and New York, so you should stay here as a stop between the two locations… You won’t regret it!!!



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