Artistic Soul!

Systematic, synthetic, submerged, rough, clean, mixed… There are so many words to describe everything in this life. I could seriously write an entire article on discriptions of nouns. In some of my paintings I start the background color with words… I just start writting all over the place no matter if the words be on top, inbetween,on one another. I describe my day, my thoughts, my beliefs, my passions, my motivations, etc. Although most the time would never see it in the piece if artwork, it’s there or was there at some point…

There are words that I use in my life that I call my life words, a couple of my life words are: Love, humility, forgiving, honest, and selfless.

My paintings should always repersent me in these suchwords… My life is not my own!!!

What are your life words? Let me know!



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