Laundry Woahs!

As a Child I dream’ t of the day I would be a wife and Mother… However, NO ONE told me about the evil, awful laundry. I try everyday to think about it like a complicated puzzle… You start with a scattered, disheveled mess  with socks that are no where to be found… I search and I search only to find it is one load of laundry behind the one I am currently folding.  Finally, I end up with perfectly neat folded cloths…  like a the beautiful art piece when you are done with the puzzle. However, unlike a puzzle, You then have to go to the many rooms of the house and put every single little thing back to where it came from. ARE YOU JOKING ME? This is probably one of the biggest practical jokes played on a mom. I thought it would be all about making messes having fun, playing tag… going to the playground. Yes, Motherhood does involve all those fun things except you as the mother have to stinkin’ clean up afterwards. I have to tell you the truth, I am writing this blog only because I am procrastinating folding my pile of laundry, that just happens to be about seven loads laying on my family room floor.

Isn't it beautiful... A masterpiece, a Phenom!

Ugh. I guess I will have to dive into my beautiful piece of art which is my laundry…

Look for it,  though! I will paint a picture with a huge load of laundry on the floor! watch out for it! Coming to you soon by your truly!



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