Summer Chaos and Calm:)

It has been too long, in June, my VERY part time job let go of an employee, leaving me to help out in the absence until they hired someone new. Well, they have finally hired a new person, so I am off the hook of working so many hours in two weeks. Although I appreciated the extra cash on hand, I am so happy to go back to being a mom and a artist again! This Summer has been hectic, between leaving my house at 7:25 to get to a daycare at 8 and then to work at 8:30…. Then not getting home until 3-4 sometime even as late as 7. I know people do it every day, but I have new found respect for woman who have to leave their kids day after day at s a place that may just teach values other than your own. However, I found it to be so emotional… Although I knew my kids were in great hands, i just wanted to be with them and teach them new things, as this is a vital age for both of them. I am looking forward to this Fall… I am going to work on some home-school preschool programs, and so looking forward to it! Zyon is already counting 1-20 in English, 1-10 in french and 1-5 in Spanish. He knows all his colors and most all of the shapes, He’s not even three yet, i couldn’t be prouder!

A couple months ago I bought some finger paints, and giving them to my kids to paint, I have to say they have been doing phenomenal job! i simply give a “blob” of each color red, blue, green and Yellow.


I have to say at first I didn’t like that the color seemed to be very thin and a little on the runny side, However, as time progressed, I loved it. The paint was thin enough to quickly wipe up on any surface and if it got on any cloths it hardly left a  mark if any. The mixture of all the paint is crazy just like mixing all of hose colors together with any thicker paint it creates a crazy purplish blue muck, but when my kids do it, its absolutely beautiful!

They enjoyed every moment of the painting! I turn on some worship music and they have a great time, rocking out and painting. This is a ” GO MOMMY” idea! I totally recommend this, if the kids are driving you a little batty just give this a try, they’ll love it and you can simply wipe it up with a few baby wipes, give them a paint brush just for some extra fun!

Awe, paint giving me a little Joy and relaxation! Nothing is like Art!

Enjoy! Love,


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