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I have tried to keep this website an exclusively art based site, however, that is not where my heart is. Although art is an extremely fascinating topic and very close to my heart, it is just not my life right now.

My life right now is a Mom of two toddlers,  A singer and although I LOVE to paint, LOVE! I just find little time for it right now. Painting is difficult with two little ones, they either want to be on top of you, take all utensils out your hands  and try to paint on every wall, ceiling and refrigerator in your house,  yes so everywhere, everything and so on… and so on… I think you get the picture.  I still somehow stay very very active, when I’m not pulling my hair out because the house just looks like a tsunami went through it. I am creating a new craft, (which I believe I may start showing here) go to my ‘Mops’ meetings. ( mother’s of preschoolers, I highly recommend it) where I help out with the creative team. Also, no not done yet, leading and singing at bible study group, singing at church every other weekend, and did I mention I still have a real Job as well? ya, I do. that’s not all, but I’m gonna limit it to that! Thankfully I only work there 1 day a week, i’m pretty hands off right now, which I don’t know if they always like? I’d like to think I am a supermom, but honestly, I owe it all to my Savior, Jesus Christ and of course, My wonderful husband. I love you babe, and happy Anniversary! It’s our 4th today:)

So In all, I need to let you know things on this website are going to change… And I am happy with the change… Don’t worry my whole life is filled with artsy things. I won’t be steering very far off course:) Well, talk to you soon!



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