Chicken, Duck, Goose!

Although I am in the comfort of my home most days, I still find myself running ragged at the end of night. When I am at work ( on Mondays) I have all my T’s crossed and all my I’s dotted, maybe because I work with numbers and I have to. I still don’t really know how I fell into book-keeping ( far from the passions in my life) all I know is, it is God thing. Most of my life is not relative to my life at work, where things are organized and I pretty know where everything will be the very next week. I remember the childhood game Duck, Duck, Goose…

I had to run around a group of friends sitting on the floor  to catch the previous goose who was about to take my seat. what happened if I didn’t catch the stinkin’ goose? Ya, thats right I would have to choose a different goose, they would chase after me…  What If I was caught? Yes, again, I would have to chase after all these stinkin’ ducks, like a chicken with it’s head off! Hence the title of my journal entry! Why did I just explain a game that you probably knew good and well and played  yourself as child? Well, I am that goose day in and day out, once a duck but now a goose running like a chicken with his head off.  Little did I know that my young 27 year old body can not keep up with the messes of a 3 and almost 2 year old. I mean, Wow. Kids can be so unpredictable! As I was frustrated with messes after messes, clothes strewn to and fro, magazines ripped to shreds, food particles in every space manageable, I am relieved to tell the following happenings of today:

Today, I told Zyon all the toys that are on the floor are going to the garbage (give away), I had a bag picking and placing toys in it. He knew what the bag was for,(Shyloh did not and just thought it was game). However, Zyon kept on picking the toys up and saying, ” this needs to go away and this… this…” I have to say I was a little shocked and it was hard for me not to laugh. I re-emphasized I was giving them away and he would never see them again…Then he started saying ” I don’t want to see this anymore, or this” then assisted me to the pile of give away in garage, and said “goodbye”. I am glad that he didn’t feel obligated to keep ” his” toys, but my question is… Was the lesson learned? We will see…Still tying to figure it all out! ha ha, thanks goodness for Jesus I can go to for help!

What would you have done??? What would your reaction have been?



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