War, the Nasty!

I really really really despise war  and the innocent people it may effect. Really, I would like to emphasize my dis-like. However, I realize that it is a necessary evil, and we have  wicked people out there in this world and we need to protect people. You may feel like I am going on a tangent, but as we speak, I am watching the horrors of World War II.I am sickened! Little did I actually know about all the facts of this corrupt dictator; Adolph Hitler (also known as Für)  and his rise. His hatred  towards Jews was so tangible, sadly Jews were not the only people that had to succumb to his violence and putrid irreverence to  human life. Hitler was so inundated in the German curriculum and culture that if a German adult did not mention ” heil Hitler” in their greeting, they would be at risk of being sent to a concentration camp. Anyone different, anyone that may have had a funny disposition, A disability, Skin color, almost anyone not ” White ” or Aryan. Even Sadder, it is estimated that a number of 6 million European Jews were killed at concentration camps within Hitlers reign.

I have no words to describe this horrifying treatment towards a race just because of that reason alone, their race. There is so many years to this tragedy, so much more information, so many artifacts. I couldn’t begin to write everything. To end, I must say I am glad the other guys ( all allied countries against the Nazi brigade) won this war, just to get men like this ( Hitler) out!  Please do your own research, if you are interested!




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You may ask why I wrote on this, There is so much art regarding this Era, it is just interesting to know more about the history.

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