Hitchcock Under the Stars

Alright ladies and gentlemen, put your romance seatbelt on and enjoy the ride. The scene is set to 1954, her hair is done up from the rag curls she placed in the night before. Her date sits next to her in his 1953 robbin egg blue Chevy. They sit as close as they possibly can, on the front bench seat. The car pulls into a drive-in movie theater, Alfred Hitchcock’s film, ‘Rear Window’ is about to start. The stars looking down on them from above. Alone in the car, their night begins. What an amazing Era, Although that trip back in time sounds so romantic and ideal, let’s return to 2012. No wonder so many were married so young.

What if we could wind back the hands of time and do it again almost, with Hitchcock and all. Rest assured San Francisco’s online event site, Sösh (sosh.com) and Jones Bar/Restaurant (620_jones.com) have inspired a rooftop under the stars movie series event. Featuring Alfred Hitchcock’s captivating films during this summer. It’s not your iconic drive-in, but with a few cocktails and popcorn in hand, you can settle for the enveloping view of the most beautiful city surrounding. Grab a blanket, a date, and rush online to place your name on the guest list. One event has lapsed, so, let’s hope to see you at the next two.

-Julia Tomtania

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