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Shaka Like it’s Hot, Berkeley style.

Would you like to feel like a hipster in Hawaii and still be in the bay area? You won’t have your toes in the sand unless you go to a park, but if you live the “Shaka” life, then the bay area city of Berkeley is for you! Let’s set the mood; used book stores, colorful print shirts from every decade on the young and the old, sandals worn with socks, truly the definition of “berk-in-Stocks” in-scents, girls sunbathing, tattoos, fresh produce, amazing food, and art infiltrate Berkeley. Beside running into the few that talk to the imaginary person next to them, there is nothing to fear about this place, anyone and everyone can be here. Walking down Telegraph ave. you will quickly learn this is not your typical college town. (UC Berkeley) This city is full of life, on Saturdays head down Telegraph (website here) buzzing with local artists and crafters displaying their beautiful masterpieces on the sidewalk. If you make a day of it, run on down the Shuttuck Avenue for amazing brunch at La Note a french cuisine restaurant (website here) The bread basket with lavender honey is incomparable. While the day comes to a close, end it with a chuckle, currently until August 14th, the Berkeley playhouse (website here) is performing Willy Wonka. If you don’t think it will be entertaining enough for you, no worries, Oompa loompa’s on bungee chords are included. Have fun in Berkeley and don’t forget to drink a mojito while you’re there.
(I wrote this a month back, but I’m sure the theatre has another amazing play!!! )

Love, Julia

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