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Fashion in the Forefront of Faith

Today I am going to write about something a little faux pas. Recently, I have been seeing and scoping new blogs about people of “faith” and fashion. Most of the time you don’t really find them hand in hand. If you plug in the television go over to the Christian network stations many times, you see women with dramatic clownish makeup, a purple puppy on their head for hair and a VERY country wardrobe ( like Dolly Parton country). I am not downing country apparel, it is just not on the forefront of the fashion industry at the moment. I know this scene may be changing, but is it really? There are so many different categories! However, I started following recent “young, popular, hip” pastors and their wives on twitter and other social media outlets… I knew of some, because of the connection I had with them from my childhood church and private school in the pacific NW. I was trying to find out if their ideas of fashion sense and clothing decisions transcended to those following them, since they are their followers “role model”. I must say “Well, kinda”. This generation is all about making a mark in fashion to individualize their self expression. In fact, their have been harsh criticisms to that fashion is so on the forefront of these pastors appearance and agenda, that many onlookers have gone to say they are “fakes” or “materialistic”. Pretty pessimistic if I may say. I tend to give them the benefit of doubt and say that they are striving for excellence . Reaching out to a culture that feeds on personal style, appearance and will not/could not be reached in the things of God otherwise. So props to Judah and Chelsea Smith , Carl Lentz, etc. Let your fashion shine;) People of faith need to look good too, right?



You can find these pastors on twitter:


I may add an update down the road;)



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