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The Battle of the Mom’s

Hi I’m Julia and I am a housewife/mom. That’s right, I said it House-wife. To those who do not follow or refuse to read this because of your narrow-mindedness, that is what I am you ‘half wit’. ( oh please, someone has to get that movie quote) I really don’t mean to offend, I was just being a little facetious. However, there is a battle, it may be silent it may not. Ready for it? The battle of the Mom’s, Mum’s, mothers, mama’s, mommas, mummy’s and mommys. There are trends popping up from the left and the right, behind and in front, if you’re not careful you may even have one pop up underneath you and make you land straight on your face. The trends of motherhood, it use to be you tended to the home, children, husband and domestic purgatory ( I joke). Now days, it’s not just the argument of stay at home mom vs. working mom. Now, it is the domestic mom vs. ultra domestic mom, Same vs. Ultra-Same.

We all have the same struggles, but we tend to them different ways… A working mother is, in most cases, a necessity to the families economic earnings. However, a stay at home mother, in most cases again, is also a necessity to the families economic earnings. Case and point, me. I could go out on the work force earn a stable income and add more to our monetary growth, however, it may risk me working only to pay another person to raise my own children. In other words, a substantial amount of the money I would earn, would go directly to childcare. My parents live five hundred plus miles to the north, and my Mother-in-law lives across country. I don’t have the pleasure of family being around to help me watch my children while I work. Thankfully, my Husband and I get off just fine and I am able to stay at home. So there is my example, there may be more just like me. Different scenario’s for each mom. I actually stayed at the job that I worked at before I had children on and off, up until a couple months ago. Life happens, things change and you have to make the right choices for you, your children and your family. This was my choice. Here’s the thing though, I have dreams, goals, ambitions for myself still. My life has not ended, nor have I given up. I won’t stop being a mother, if I decide, I want to be more than just a house wife/ mom. I know many of my friends who are mother’s have ended up being the “bread winner” of the family. In most cases sadly, because their husbands were in the military or what have you. (which I find morally wrong and sad) However, that has not negated their influence of them being outstanding, amazing mothers… Then I have the full time working mom friends, do a fantastic job establishing, and maintaing great connections with their children and have every t crossed and i dotted. I also, think it’s safe to say, some mothers, no matter how amazing, need the sanity of getting a break from home and go to work. For instance, I truly believe, I am a better mom and stay sane, because of the couple hours I spend in the gym. Call me extreme, but I am a better mom for it, plus it makes me feel like superwoman.

So whether you are an ultra-domesticated house mom, or an ultra-businesswoman at home. There is no judgment here. Nor, should we have judgment. This battle is a rage and a fight that is just not worth a broken fingernail over. Seriously, why would you look down on any mother, period. We are all experiencing our hearts walking around and we are the ones to culture and cultivate these live breathing little beauties we call our children. Let’s join together and stop being catty high schoolers. I don’t care if you eat highly processed peanut butter or natural unprocessed. Please. Define a mother in one sentence in today’s society that will morph all mothers together in it. I dare you. You will probably at least leave a couple million out. I mean, it’s time we stop the judgmental stares, the competitive strives and keep an open ear and mind to mothers of all demographics. Rich, poor, domesticated, not, blah…blah… Let’s support each other people. The end.

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