Huge Thank You! #A4AFreedomRun


We just wanted to send out a little note, before we compile all the photos, pictures and donations together from today…

Firstly, thank you to all of the team Leaders and organizers, without you, we couldn’t have seen the success we saw today!

To all Participants & Donators, thank you so much!! We had an overwhelming amount of support today in contributing to House of Hope. We are so excited to be able to bless them with all that was raised during the #A4AFreedomRun! Our donations are still coming in, so we do not have a final amount to announce yet, but we look forward to sending that email out soon!

We Hope you had a fantastic day!
Again, each one of you helped in playing a huge part of A4A’s success! Not only in raising funds for House of Hope, but tackling Modern Day Slavery as Whole!

We look forward to seeing more pictures come in!

From the bottom of our Hearts,

Thank you!

A4A Team!


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