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Long Awaiting…

November 2011 506I am astounded. I know I start off many of my writings with a random thoughts via my personal blog (here).. However, this has swirled, flipped and danced around in my head, so much so, I can’t rest. I can’t grasp my mind around it. I can’t sleep some nights thinking about it. I am so uneasy about the entire subject, I will introduce to you, I am writing now. It is early in the morning, and by that I mean I have yet to sleep. If you follow me in twitter(@juliatomtania & @singingelegance) or Facebook. I have posted articles on this topic. I’m usually more excited than words about my postings, yet little attention is even crossed. Alright, enough of these random hints.

It may not be a surprise, my Subject Matter is HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Before you run away, and say “ugh, not this again. I can’t do anything about this!”
The truth is: YOU CAN. It’s not always about money. So many times, I have felt so defenseless in my passion for those hurting across the globe, I have thought long on hard, on how I could implement help to those I could not reach. The truth is, there are people able to reach in, and make a true difference. I can be one to help them by being voice, where there is no voice.

We have amazing resources to glean from with remarkable statistics, Please?! If you haven’t read some of the statistics on human trafficking , I highly suggest you do. Via links I have provided below, as well as YouTube clip.

So it’s been long enough… long in waiting… and I’ve had enough. I can’t fight a battle and a war, When I have no Army and no weapons. I am in the process of shifting this entire website over to non-profit donation based fundraiser store. So here it is. I have Call!

A call for the compassionate. A call to help the Invisible:

I can not help but to have tears, and long for these lives stripped from morality.
Stripped from living life to the fullest. Stripped.


I will be starting a campaign… I know it’s hard to ask for money here, and ask for money there. For this; I am issuing a call to the talented, to the gifted! This is a start. I am looking for donations from true artists. I am issuing a fundraiser in support of human trafficking.

What & Who I need and be excepting:

  • Musical artists.
  • Theatrical artists.
  • Comical artists.
  • Fine Art artists.
  • Photography artists
  • Design artist
  • Fashion Artists
  • Culinary Artists

Singing Elegance will be selling donations on online store platform.

Please spread the word, as I go I will be releasing more information on this project.


I will excepting Digital forms of Art, Music, monologues, anything that is from your heart.

It’s time, we make a difference with our Art. Spread the word and get it out there. I have an Etsy store ready to go and ready to start making a change. Please send any donations, information, questions, or concerns to singingelegance@gmail.com.

After years of contemplation, planning, and prayer. This is the very start and all places have a start. I ask that you would help Singingelegance.com through prayer, and getting the word out. The Vision is big & this is the start.

If you would like to be involved financially, it would be amazingly appreciated, you can donate here. *Singingelegance.com is still working toward a Non-profit tax ID#, and one is not provided as of yet.

Here is some of the websites, we will be supporting and promoting! I will be adding to this list.








Things to come:

  • Official store release. Date: TBA
  • Press Release
  • Developmental Updates.
  • Singingelegance party for a cause
  • 5K Art Run & Party, supporting Anti-human trafficking. Date: TBA



Please send any donations, information, questions, or concerns to

Located in San Francisco Bay Area: Address provided via


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