A Whole New World.

I’m a west coast girl born and raised. Portland I spent most of my day, chillen on the Max and Maxin’ on cool.

Ok… Ok… I hope someone got that.

This is very true of me, on vacation growing up, I never went further east than Spokane, Washington. Which if you look on a map, that’s not that far East. My family drove up and down the I-5 Corridor, mostly through the San Francisco Bay Area, down to the LA area and that is pretty much about it.  It wasn’t until I was about 18 did I ever go across the US Border North or South.  Although I am Still waiting for the day to go across oceans, I imagine it’s not that far off.  I absolutely LOVE to travel, since I have been married, I have had the opportunity to travel a lot. My three kids have been on more airplanes than I did at the ripe young age of 16. Yes, I know that is old.

Last week I got to go somewhere I have wanted to go all my life.

Yes, the Big Apple!  To someone who lives here, I can understand it’s not that big of a deal, but to this west coast girl, I was super excited! I had certain expectations, but in all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The City that never sleeps, where the innovators, millionaires, models, artists etc. go to really begin their life. My understanding of this type of environment is so much clearer now having experienced it for myself. Living on the West Coast we take advantage of the our laid-back environments and take our time a little more. I spent most of the time traveling in the subway to get from place to place.

To a person who has not been there, the subway is intense. You have to know where your going, you have to take the initiative and make room for yourself, because no one is going to make room for you. You can’t look at someone too long, and you have to hold your belongings pretty close to your body, there are the few people that don’t mind taking advantage of your belongings if you’re not minding them yourself, if you get my drift. We stayed in the Bronx, it is rough around the edges, however it is not nearly as frighting as you see on TV, or how it is made out to be. Just make sure you are not walking alone after dark and keep to yourself. Taxi’s become your best friend, and you find yourself saving their numbers on your phone, so you can be better acquainted with them if need be, which  the need is quite often. We were going to rent a car while being there, but we learned pretty fast, it is not necessary and can be more of drag than blessing to have. The toll alone going from Jersey to New York is $12, you think $5 is expensive? The Cost of the Subway is so affordable, it would not make any sense to drive anyhow. $29 unlimited 7 day pass, pretty good, huh?

  I was so taken by the architecture there, I was in Heaven. I could just imagine myself living in a random door with a beautiful loft style house behind. I took a few pictures of the doors I loved.

Random doors.

 My husband and I walked everywhere, I don’t know anyone who actually lost weight during Thanksgiving, but I am not complaining. We went to Time Square, Statue of liberty, Clinton Castle, Bryant Park, Central Park, Union Square, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge… The list goes on…

I wanted to highlight one of favorite spots! Chelsea Market! In the heart of Chelsea district also, known as the meat packing district. It used to be the National Biscuit Company complex, making all sorts of things like; Premium Saltines, Vanilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Barnum’s Animal Crackers (now Barnum’s Animals) and, in 1913, both the Oreo (originally Oreo Biscuit) and the Mallomar. (See more history) My Husband worked right across the street, and I took pictures everywhere!  I will now show you pictures:    
Do you Love this place or what?  Art in an Vintage Rustic Industrial Modern Quality. Everything fully functional and perfect! The Original Elevators still operating, as I was taking this picture the other elevator opened and the guy looked at me like I was crazy. The water Feature that you see is actually a Emergency reservoir running in the middle of the Market. It’s lit up beautifully. The Lighted floor with a mesh Christmas lights in an arch way,  show an elegant turn of the century looking clock. everything in this Market screams aesthetics! While I was there I went to the Anthropologie Store, they even had local artists designing the perfect sets of products for their winter snow falling display windows. My favorite was this little Cross with floral design in plain view perfectly hidden by the entry framework. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that beautiful cross. ( I posted a picture of the entry way, just before the close up of the cross. ) Original signs worn out by age, hidden among in-operational original vintage industrial refrigerator doors.  My style in every way.  If you are visiting New York, this is a must see! The only down-fall I found was the lack of real retail stores. If you need food, This is the place to go, if you need clothes, you may find a day that some of the top designers have special sales.  However not the retail mecca, this is something you won’t want to miss.
Hope you enjoyed my walk through New York. I will post more pictures below.



Modern, contemporary, eclectic… REALITY…

I have tried to keep this website an exclusively art based site, however, that is not where my heart is. Although art is an extremely fascinating topic and very close to my heart, it is just not my life right now.

My life right now is a Mom of two toddlers,  A singer and although I LOVE to paint, LOVE! I just find little time for it right now. Painting is difficult with two little ones, they either want to be on top of you, take all utensils out your hands  and try to paint on every wall, ceiling and refrigerator in your house,  yes so everywhere, everything and so on… and so on… I think you get the picture.  I still somehow stay very very active, when I’m not pulling my hair out because the house just looks like a tsunami went through it. I am creating a new craft, (which I believe I may start showing here) go to my ‘Mops’ meetings. ( mother’s of preschoolers, I highly recommend it) where I help out with the creative team. Also, no not done yet, leading and singing at bible study group, singing at church every other weekend, and did I mention I still have a real Job as well? ya, I do. that’s not all, but I’m gonna limit it to that! Thankfully I only work there 1 day a week, i’m pretty hands off right now, which I don’t know if they always like? I’d like to think I am a supermom, but honestly, I owe it all to my Savior, Jesus Christ and of course, My wonderful husband. I love you babe, and happy Anniversary! It’s our 4th today:)

So In all, I need to let you know things on this website are going to change… And I am happy with the change… Don’t worry my whole life is filled with artsy things. I won’t be steering very far off course:) Well, talk to you soon!



Summer Chaos and Calm:)

It has been too long, in June, my VERY part time job let go of an employee, leaving me to help out in the absence until they hired someone new. Well, they have finally hired a new person, so I am off the hook of working so many hours in two weeks. Although I appreciated the extra cash on hand, I am so happy to go back to being a mom and a artist again! This Summer has been hectic, between leaving my house at 7:25 to get to a daycare at 8 and then to work at 8:30…. Then not getting home until 3-4 sometime even as late as 7. I know people do it every day, but I have new found respect for woman who have to leave their kids day after day at s a place that may just teach values other than your own. However, I found it to be so emotional… Although I knew my kids were in great hands, i just wanted to be with them and teach them new things, as this is a vital age for both of them. I am looking forward to this Fall… I am going to work on some home-school preschool programs, and so looking forward to it! Zyon is already counting 1-20 in English, 1-10 in french and 1-5 in Spanish. He knows all his colors and most all of the shapes, He’s not even three yet, i couldn’t be prouder!

A couple months ago I bought some finger paints, and giving them to my kids to paint, I have to say they have been doing phenomenal job! i simply give a “blob” of each color red, blue, green and Yellow.


I have to say at first I didn’t like that the color seemed to be very thin and a little on the runny side, However, as time progressed, I loved it. The paint was thin enough to quickly wipe up on any surface and if it got on any cloths it hardly left a  mark if any. The mixture of all the paint is crazy just like mixing all of hose colors together with any thicker paint it creates a crazy purplish blue muck, but when my kids do it, its absolutely beautiful!

They enjoyed every moment of the painting! I turn on some worship music and they have a great time, rocking out and painting. This is a ” GO MOMMY” idea! I totally recommend this, if the kids are driving you a little batty just give this a try, they’ll love it and you can simply wipe it up with a few baby wipes, give them a paint brush just for some extra fun!

Awe, paint giving me a little Joy and relaxation! Nothing is like Art!

Enjoy! Love,


Children’s Art in Growth Charts

A couple months ago I mentioned that I was embarking on Childrens Art. As it is not my Forte, I chose to challenge myself! Thankfully it wasn’t as much of a challange, as it was fun. I am not a cartoonist by nature, so I freehanded cartoon figures from different sources. It blew my mind on how much skill goes into cartoon artwork, Disney is amazing! I must say I was pretty proud of my work.


I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to detail, so I spent a little more time on them, than I expected.
Overall, I really enjoyed making these personalized growth charts. I would do more, if asked!! Enjoy!!!



Laundry Woahs!

As a Child I dream’ t of the day I would be a wife and Mother… However, NO ONE told me about the evil, awful laundry. I try everyday to think about it like a complicated puzzle… You start with a scattered, disheveled mess  with socks that are no where to be found… I search and I search only to find it is one load of laundry behind the one I am currently folding.  Finally, I end up with perfectly neat folded cloths…  like a the beautiful art piece when you are done with the puzzle. However, unlike a puzzle, You then have to go to the many rooms of the house and put every single little thing back to where it came from. ARE YOU JOKING ME? This is probably one of the biggest practical jokes played on a mom. I thought it would be all about making messes having fun, playing tag… going to the playground. Yes, Motherhood does involve all those fun things except you as the mother have to stinkin’ clean up afterwards. I have to tell you the truth, I am writing this blog only because I am procrastinating folding my pile of laundry, that just happens to be about seven loads laying on my family room floor.

Isn't it beautiful... A masterpiece, a Phenom!

Ugh. I guess I will have to dive into my beautiful piece of art which is my laundry…

Look for it,  though! I will paint a picture with a huge load of laundry on the floor! watch out for it! Coming to you soon by your truly!



Artistic Soul!

Systematic, synthetic, submerged, rough, clean, mixed… There are so many words to describe everything in this life. I could seriously write an entire article on discriptions of nouns. In some of my paintings I start the background color with words… I just start writting all over the place no matter if the words be on top, inbetween,on one another. I describe my day, my thoughts, my beliefs, my passions, my motivations, etc. Although most the time would never see it in the piece if artwork, it’s there or was there at some point…

There are words that I use in my life that I call my life words, a couple of my life words are: Love, humility, forgiving, honest, and selfless.

My paintings should always repersent me in these suchwords… My life is not my own!!!

What are your life words? Let me know!



North Carolina Red Bricks

It’s like another world here on the east coast in North Carolina… I have gone from South Charlotte to Greensville all across the state… We’ve ate at BoJangles, Parkers Barbeque, Applebees and a feast of West African deliciousness. Different from California houses, the norm with stucco has turned into a norm with red bricks. Red bricks on houses, business’, Universities… Etc.

This is a picture at UNC Charlotte, this entire campus is full of red bricks from the football arena to the chancelors house… Red as far as the eye can see!

Even if the stone was not brick it had a red accent… So interesting that this is just so much apart of the culture they paint it on.

All and all, this trip has been full of GREAT people, GOOD food and GORGEOUS views!

You definitely need to come to North Carolina… Not only will you love it! You will be relaxed by the surrounding atmosphere with green on all sides and being constantly hungry for more food! Just as a precaution, you might want to go on a diet before you come because you’ll enjoy the food way too much! As a bonus it is half way between Florida and New York, so you should stay here as a stop between the two locations… You won’t regret it!!!



Napa… Wine… Art

This  past weekend I spent a wonderful weekend with my amazing husband in Napa. If you have never spent time there, I definitely recommend going!

My weekend started with checking into the Embassy Suites Hotel  and then straight to the wine train. We had the Privilege to hang out with some of the “Top” guys in his Industry, including the CEO’s and presidents of a couple companies. If you would like to check out their websites I will add a link to their websites as they are a Great asset to small and large companies.  The Industry my Husband works for deals with talent acquisition’s, mid level to Executive resourcing, human resources, Online financial development ( payroll, quickbooks)  etc.  I was surprised to hear business was not our main topic in conversation, we had a wonderful time talking about where they have gone in Napa… Well, maybe they did talk business, but I think I may have been distracted by the amazing winery’s and vineyards we visited.

We went to this particular Vineyard, I felt was the most “home” called; Fleury Estate Winery. This place was filled with abstract modern art all painted by the Winery Owners son, I wish I remembered his first name. I thought it was Scott Fleury, but everything good is Scott ( that’s my husbands name… Cheese. ha.) Anyway off my Bunny trail… The one thing that intrigued me about this art, was that it reminded me of my own art pieces.  Primarily because the paintings were not painted on your typical canvas’ just like me. The Canvas of choice, I saw,  was wood. Something about that, just made me like the art all the more.

This winery, also, had such a great bathroom idea. At first you see this gigantic Barrel, thinking that you will walk right into a gross, hole in the ground, outhouse, it was actually a quaint chandelier lighted porcelain throne room, in a weird way it was tranquil, don’t ask how I thought it was… it just was.

overall, it was a GREAT weekend!  Great art, great company, great vineyards, great wine, great food… Just Great…

Next time you go to Napa, don’t forget to stop by Fleury Estate Winery!

Also, If you would go check out these business savvy websites:

The Plus Group “Helping Staff America”

Staffing Plus “Get your Company Back on Track!”

Abacus Rex ” Making Old Accounting Practices Extinct”

Tony Pogo Employment Blog



Biblical Art Gallery in Texas

I deemed this to be fitting seeing that we are coming up on good Friday and that Sunday afterall is Easter.  After looking up the daily news on Art I saw something that caught my eye…

In Dallas Texas a former Christian Art gallery is opening thier doors on Good Friday after having to shut their doors in 2005, from a devastating fire.

Before the Fire in 2005

Biblical Arts Center in Dallas, Texas,  decorated with painting, sculptures, biblical archaeology, and religious architecture has now added on 6,000 square feetto their gallery, from their prior 3000 and opened the doors to African-American, European, Hispanic, Israeli and Jewish art. (Emily Fox / The Dallas Morning News)

Their new hours of operation is:

Museum of Biblical Art Grand Opening Easter Weekend
Friday, April 2, Open until 4:00 p.m. – No charge
Saturday, April 3 – open 11:00 a.m. – 4 p.m., $10. entry
Sunday, April 4 – open 1:00 p.m. – 4 p.m., $10. entry
Regular hours starting Tuesday, April 6, 2010:
Tuesdays – Saturdays – 11:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sundays – 1 – 4 p.m.
Closed Mondays
For More info Go to their website here
Call for information (214) 368-4MBA (4622)

So all ya’ll in Texas, where my Daddy was raised, go and check it out this weekend!!! I wish I could be there… I love that they are making it available to other cultures artwork and artifacts. We see a lot of different artifacts from Ancient Egypt and little from Asia and South America, However, it usually is not biblical based. This will be a fun event for families all religions and cultural backgrounds… Bravo! to these individuals who are opening minds and lives… Keeping out religion and beliefs in the world of Art, holds us back by not appreciating other peoples lives and community… We are inundated with crazy  “Christians” causing strife for other Christ followers and giving them a bad name…  Well done  at making Christ Followers look good once more. Bravo! once more.