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Virtual 5K/10K Event



There is an epidemic across the Globe and we want to contribute in the fight! Modern day slavery has affected an estimated 27,000,000 people world wide. Some more Facts here!

Today, we are asking you to participate in a virtual 5K/ 10K run or walk event that will help in  raising  funds for House of Hope in Tanzania, Africa. They are in the midst of building a home where rescued victims of human trafficking will be brought in and provided with a place to rebuild their lives. A place to live, learn and be equipped to change their future and go out and change their villages. Every dollar raised will go to getting these beautiful women and girls out of the sex slavery industry and safely into House of Hope for a new life.

Would you help and participate with us? How can we do this you may be asking? We are simply asking you That you take on the challenge individually or  gathering a group of 3-5 friends in your area to run/walk a 5K or 10K on the same Saturday, November, 23rd, 2013! Since we are not officially a non- Profit organizationm we are joining with Limitless Church of Burlingame, Ca.  We ask each participant register with $50 dollars to run in the 5k/ 10K. Every dollar will be going directly to an organization fighting human trafficking.

Let’s fight together, our Virtual  run or walk  can help us with fight the social injustice of human trafficking. A4A, (Arts 4 Abolition) is not yet an official organization. Although that is in progress. However,  because of the urgency of getting the last nail  in it’s place for  House of Hope in Tanzania,  we felt we could not wait until the perfect circumstances arrive. We need to start somewhere even if it is small, our passion to take action as soon as possible can not denied.

Can you Join us? Register Today! We are looking to get a group of people together passionate about seeing freedom released in our generation.

Each group will receive tee shirts in the mail for the day of the run. Shirt guaranteed If registered before November.13th, 2013. This creates unity even though we are all running in different places.  We are asking each group to wear them while running and also document your run with video and pictures. We will be putting this on social media to raise awareness and hopefully get more people involved.

Our prayer is to see runs like this happen often and continue to raise funds for different organization fighting human trafficking worldwide!

If you have been looking for a way to get involved but haven’t known where to start we hope this is a great place for many to start making a difference. We believe every dollar and action whether big or small does make a difference.

Human trafficking seems, at times,  like an overwhelming untouchable subject we can make a difference together. It takes each of us getting involved!

Please consider running for freedom with us. We appreciate your partnership and are believing to see slavery abolished in the 21st century.  Join With Us!


Location: Wherever you see fit to run.

Date: November 23rd, 2013.

Registration: $50

Register Here!  Registration will begin 8:00 am Wednesday, October 23rd 2013!




All Our Love!

Kelci Noonan

Julia Tomtania

Limitless Church


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