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A4A ( arts4abolition.org) Abolishing human slavery through unity of artistic expression.

A4A is to be a platform to utilize creativity with the arts worldwide, enabling artists to envision modern day slavery abolished through their abilities. While, mobilizing and empowering anti-trafficking organizations & victims cohesively.

A4A is a platform and vehicle in which will allow artists of all kinds to donate their gifts, talents and abilities through event gatherings, web presence, online store, and virtual assemblies.  Profits and donations will be contributed towards legitimate organization’s directly affecting victims and survivors of modern day slavery.

A4A is currently working under the umbrella of a church, and working towards establishing a 501(c) 3 autonomous non-profit organization.

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Arts4abolition.org  (formally known as singingelegance.com) is geared to artists of every kind; helping to abolish human trafficking worldwide.

When I first was informed about human trafficking, I never realized the exact number and how we contributed to it daily!

Sadly, it took me several years to really understand the impact it made in our world. Since it struck a chord on my heart strings , I have been researching human trafficking and interestingly enough, many people are still uneducated on this topic. Even with those who have been educated, I often wonder why more people did not take the initiative in helping to increase awareness and stop an epidemic that deems itself unstoppable.

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